About us

We teach about good financial practices and stress the importance of having good credit. Getting informed before you start the mortgage credit process empowers you to make savvier financial decisions.

The MCEC primary objective is to provide the community with the proper Financial tools and resources they need to become successful homeowners.

The MCEC provides Financial Education seminars, first time home buyer programs and one on one financial counseling that is open to any potential homeowner.

Our Mission

No Matter Race, Creed, Credit or Color. The Mortgage Credit Education Centers mission is to provide the proper educational tools and resources needed to “help take the Homeless, Home.”

Our Vision

Providing the Community the Proper Education, Tools & Resources they need to become successful homeowners.

Our Philosophy…

We are committed to being recognized as a leader in Mortgage Credit Education and Mortgage Credit Education services, and to being the premier destination of choice for information and help. We are creating a unique website and services that are the best in the world. Our benchmarks of exceptional service to all our potential clients and a responsibility to our communities, people and physical environment must be entrenched within our desire to help you and to ensure that we are recognized world-wide as delivering what we can do to help you get that perfect home.

We Are Here For You.

Mortgage Credit Education is here to providing the community the proper education, tools & resources that you need to become successful homeowners.

No Matter Race, Creed, Credit or Color,
“Everyone deserves a place to call home”.