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When you borrow money, whether through a revolving account or an installment account, this information is gathered by credit bureaus. The data the bureaus have in your credit files is used to calculate your credit scores. Your credit scores are determined by five major factors:

  • payment history
  • your debt usage
  • age of credit accounts
  • types of accounts
  • the number of inquiries on your credit.

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Most financial advisers agree that people should spend no more than 36 percent of their gross income when determining how much house you can afford. The 36% rule is the tried-and-true home mortgage affordability tip that you should take into account when establishing a baseline.

Weighing the rent-versus-buy decision? Both have upsides and drawbacks. Ultimately, the answer depends on multiple factors, including your finances, your long-term plans and the real estate market in your area. Several questions to ask when deciding to rent or buy a home.

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Before you look at houses, it’s smart to check your credit scores and pull your reports from the three major credit agencies. You can check your score free to see where you stand. Tackling credit issues early on can help you raise your score before you apply for a mortgage. Contact us today and let us help you.

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An experienced real estate agent who knows local neighborhoods can advise you on market conditions and whether homes you want to make offers on are priced properly. Agents can identify potential issues with a home or neighborhood you’re unaware of, and they’ll go.

Getting informed before you start the mortgage credit process empowers you to make savvier financial decisions. For instance, once your understand how your credit score affects the cost of your mortgage credit, you might decide to wait six months or a year before buying.

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